What is a dentist and what do they do?

A dentist is someone who is qualified to treat diseases and conditions affecting human teeth and gums. A dentist is also called a dental surgeon, periodontist or orthodontist.Dentists mostly repair teeth and extract those that are too damaged. They also insert artificial ones.
A general dentist gives primary dental care to patients of all ages. A dentist can treat you and your family caring the overall oral hygiene. Remember that oral health is essential for overall body health hence a Smiling Dentistdentist has a crucial role.

Where do you find a dentist?

A dentist’s workplace is a dental office or a dental clinic/hospital. The environment of a dentist workplace is like of other typical clinics. It should be clean, sterile and manned by professionals. Dentists are found in each town and city within easy to reach distances.

What does a dentist really do?

A dentist will perform many important roles necessary in maintaining oral health. Check-ups are an important part of dentistry job. They are important for patients to maintain oral care. You do not have to wait until your teeth start to ache. It is necessary to visit a Fort Worth dentist for check up at least twice a year. In addition to the general check ups, a general dentist performs basic treatment that is done at regular dental office. Basic dentistry procedure includes filing a tooth and minor surgical procedures like teeth cleaning, polishing or extraction.
A dentist encourages patients to take good care of their teeth by brushing, flossing and regular cleaning. These are good habits for preventing cavities. They also prevent other infection to the teeth and gums.

Specialized dentistry

The role of general dentist is to take responsibility for diagnosis, treatment and coordination of procedures necessary for overall oral health.
There is also specialized dental procedure. If there is a need for specialized dental procedure, a general dentist will work with other dentists who specialize in specific area of dentistry. These specialties require further training in order to develop expertise is particular areas.
Dentistry specialties include.


Orthodontics deals with straightening and alignment of teeth and jaw by fitting braces. It also deals with problems affecting bone in or around mouth area even if it is caused by other health issues.


This is a dental area specializing in treatment of internal tissues of a tooth called the pulp. Nerves and blood vessels make up the pulp. An endodontist is a dentist specializing in root canal treatment and other procedures invoicing inner tooth.


This is an area specializing in cosmetic dentistry. It involves fitting implants for replacing removed teeth or dealing with the other prosthetics in a mouth.


This is a dentistry area focusing on gums and the other tissues around the tooth. A periodontist treats gum diseases.

Paediatric dentistry

This specialty is about treating children teeth and at times involves working with other specialists.
A dentist has a number of crucial roles to play in maintenance of oral health.

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