Dental Floss Tips

flossy hygiene! Some of us pay little or no attention to this very important detail, but we really have to start taking care of our teeth. This is because of that smile that we sometimes put up that most of the time is a gateway to our overall health. Another reason to pay close attention to oral hygiene is because it plays a big role in how younger we look, which is also important. An important exercise for oral hygiene that is greatly ignored by many is flossing. I know some of us think just brushing our teeth is important but still, flossing is also an essential part of taking care of our oral hygiene.

Reason for flossing

Flossing plays a big role in oral hygiene, in that it helps to reach those parts that are hard to reach for the toothbrush in the mouth, especially gaps between teeth. If debris is kept off these gaps, your chances of developing cavities or gum infection decrease significantly. If plaque is left to accumulate, it hardens to form something that has to be removed professionally by a dentist. Over a long time, gums begin to swell and gingivitis takes hold. To avoid this one has to floss at least once a day.

How to Choose the Best Floss

Store shelves have different types of floss. Most brands are made from thin filaments. For teeth with wide spaces, it is advisable to use the dental tape, as it is larger than regular floss and covers most of the large parts. Ribbon floss is smoother than regular floss and is hence suitable for people with sensitive gums. Waxed floss is mainly for those with braces because it does not get stuck in the metal. You can also consider buying floss of your desired flavor just to feel more comfortable.

The Process of Flossing

    1. Begin with 18 inches of dental floss. Wrap each of the ends of the floss around your two middle fingers. Always leave an inch or two to work with.
    2. Using your forefingers and thumbs, slide the dental floss back and forth, up and down your teeth.
    3. Take a little more time on the gum-line of each tooth and gently move the floss around it, until you can be sure to reach the underneath the gum-line. Ensure that you do not force or snap the force on the gum as this could hurt your gums.
    4. Start with one end of your upper mouth and move to the other end of the mouth. If you are done with the upper mouth, begin with the lower mouth, moving from one end to the other.
    5. As you move from tooth to tooth, keep in mind to only use the clean sections of the floss.
    6. When you are done, make use of the back and forth motion so as to bring the floss up and away from your teeth.
    7. Get rid of the used piece of floss because it is not as efficient as a new one and it harbors bacteria.

Other very important ways for keeping proper oral hygiene is visiting your Los Gatos dentist regularly, preferably after every 6 months, and brushing every day. These tips will help greatly to achieve the intended goal of better oral hygiene, and also help a person get that great smile that keeps you looking younger.

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